• What Makes ABC a Top Interior Design Company in Dubai & the UAE

    In any business where frequent direct interaction with clients and customers is a must, such as a retail store or a restaurant, it is important to have a design that will draw them to your establishment.

    If you want to boost the pulling power of your commercial establishment, or if you are just about to set up your business, Advanced Business Concept is the interior design company in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi that can create the best interior solution for your business.

    We offer custom interior design services for all UAE businesses

    Over the past 10 years, we have worked with many clients in different market niches – food, hospitality, retail, etc. – bringing us the experience and expertise necessary to provide unparalleled interior design services to UAE business of various fields and industries.

    What sets apart our brand of custom design services is we truly listen to what our clients have to say on the matter – their specific requirements, style preferences, and any special requests. We also touch on the theme they want to go for, how their brand will be represented through the concept, what materials and furniture will be used, and the budget they have in mind, among other factors.

    ABC designers will then take all these elements into consideration and create a commercial space design that incorporates all these elements, reflects the input of the client and our expertise, and of course, meets their preferred budget.

    Our philosophy as a designer company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

    We take pride in being able to deliver our projects on time and within the budget specified by our clients. We are also the type of designer company that guides and updates our clients through every step of the process, particularly in the decision-making aspect.

    These traits have allowed us to win the trust of many clients in Dubai and in other key locations in the UAE. If you want to get the same professional interior services for your business in UAE, please give us a call now!


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