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  • ABC – The Best of the Office Fit Out Companies in Dubai

    Creating an office environment that is conducive to work productivity and efficiency is the forte of Advanced Business Concept LLC. We can create and design a workspace that is both stylish and functional – one that helps boost the performance of your employees and enhances your professional and company image.

    Why our clients choose us over other companies in UAE

    ABC is an office fit out company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that understands that each business or organisation has its own workflow and operation requirements. For this reason, our experts always make it a point to know the processes, requirements, and preferences of each client.

    Accordingly, our professional team will formulate an office layout and design that incorporates these elements. Tailoring our products and services allows us to truly create a workspace that meets all aspects of our client’s needs, and even more.

    In contrast with other fit out companies in Dubai and the UAE, we have years of experience working with clients involved in retail, hospitality, education, and healthcare, among others. Over the years, we have continually innovated our products and solutions, allowing us to provide professional service in Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in UAE, at a level that excels above what others can offer.

    Any UAE company can realise the following benefits through our service

    By providing companies and businesses a tailored fit-out service, our clients have enjoyed many advantages, including:

    • A sophisticated office space exclusively designed for them
    • Functional and space-saving workspace layout
    • Optimised use of commercial space
    • Improved image and reputation for their company
    • Enhanced sense of professionalism in the workplace
    • Superior quality work stations and partition systems
    • Cost-effective investment in desks, partition systems, and other office necessities

    Contact our offices

    If you need any information on our fit-out service, please do not hesitate to reach us through our respective contact numbers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: +971 4 346 96 65 or +971 2 641 33 03.


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